Price Estimator

Price Estimator

Receive your personalized cost of care estimate

Good Samaritan began efforts to improve transparency several years ago to improve the patient experience. We are committed to transparency and want to educate you, our patient families, regarding your financial obligations.

The pricing estimator below will allow you to calculate your out-of-pocket costs for upcoming procedures and get an accurate cost estimate for your procedure.

This is the most accurate cost estimate available and is personalized based on your health insurance plan. Select your procedure, location, and even compare pricing for multiple services.

Please have your insurance information ready before you begin. If you would like to talk to someone about your estimate, please call (812) 885-3456.

Charges alone do not tell the whole story and should not be the sole basis in your decision making. Physician experience, research conducted, hospital quality and outcomes should also play a role in your decision.