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Perinatal Community Paramedicine

A program for the perinatal patient population

What is Community Paramedicine?

A model of community-based health care that utilizes paramedics to visit patients at their homes or in the community to increase access to care and decrease repeat ER visits.

Who is eligible for Community Paramedicine services?

The perinatal population: pregnant and postpartum women and infants. We hope to expand services to other patient populations after ensuring success within the perinatal population.

What is the value of the Perinatal Community Paramedicine at Good Samaritan?

Community Paramedics supplement a patient's care team

  • Create another layer of support for moms and babies
  • Act as a patient advocate and alert OB/FP/Peds physician to changes in mom or baby that require elevated care
  • Decrease risk of an ER visit by assisting with management of perinatal conditions

By meeting a patient in their home, Community Paramedics can provide:

  • Support to patients in a comfortable environment -- the patient's home
  • Care to patients who struggle with transportation by meeting the patient where they are at
  • Education on safe sleep and infant safety in home while assessing potential dangers

Community Paramedics perform care checks between prenatal visits for "high-risk" pregnancies and growth and development checks for infants requiring more monitoring.

  • CPs can take vitals, administer Makena to prevent preterm birth, give vaccinations, collect lab specimens, take infant growth measurements, screen for PPD/PPA, and more!

Email to learn more about our Perinatal Community Paramedicine services, and to see if you're eligible.

Special thanks to GSH Auxiliary for our Community Paramedicine vehicle. Funding provided by Indiana Rural Health Association in partnership with United Healthcare, Target Lasting Change Grant from the Knox County Community Foundation, and Safety PIN Program grant funding from the Indiana Department of Health.

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