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Student Opportunities

Forging the Next Generation of Health Care Professionals in Vincennes, Indiana

Good Samaritan understands that the future of health care is vital. This is why we are devoted to offering educational and learning opportunities for our students in the community who are interested in health care. Please click on one of the links below to see the resources we have available for you.

Nurse Practitioner Student Application

Click Here to View Application Deadlines

We are making your clinical rotations more organized, efficient and easy to manage.

myClinicalExchange will allow you to perform the following tasks in an efficient and cost effective manner:

  • Request clinical placement at our hospital and view the request status;
  • Manage compliance and ensure you have completed you clinical placement on-boarding documentations for our hospital
  • View their clinical placement schedule;
  • Complete, submit and upload their Clinical and On-boarding Compliance documents;
  • Consent and approve document as required by our hospital; as well as
  • Complete their clinical placement survey on-line.

To start the process, please go to and start the registration process as a student and create a new account. For detailed step-by-step instructions, please reach out to


  • Summer (May - July) Application
    • Deadline: January 31st
    • Notification: February 28th
  • Fall (August - December) Application
    • Deadline: March 31st
    • Notification: April 30th
  • Spring (January - April) Application
    • Deadline: August 31st
    • Notification: September 30th