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Multidisciplinary Clinic

Good Samaritan’s Breast Care Center Multi-disciplinary Clinic is dedicated to supporting you throughout your breast cancer treatment. You will have a cancer care team who specializes in breast cancer treatments, including a medical oncologist, surgeon, and a radiation oncologist.

The best patient outcomes occur when medical providers work together and patients are involved in decision making throughout their treatment process. We focus on whole patient care and provide resources like a nurse navigator, social worker, and patient assistance closet.

Every patient’s cancer experience is unique and treatment decisions will be made to best fit your personal circumstances. Our team will consider genetic testing to evaluate familial risk factors in appropriate patient populations and focus on preventative care for recurrence or future potential cancers. We are here to answer your questions, provide clear information, create a treatment plan, and help you remain positive throughout your treatment.

After your initial breast cancer diagnosis, you will be scheduled for an appointment in our Multidisciplinary Clinic where you will be seen by a surgeon, medical oncologist and radiation oncologist to discuss your treatment plan.

Good Samaritan’s Breast Care Center provides a comprehensive, coordinated approach to the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. Our physician breast team includes highly skilled breast surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists. The physician team is supported by a talented and caring team of registered mammography technologists, ultrasound and nuclear medicine technologists, on-site navigators, physical therapists and social workers.

Please Note: During your visit, you will see three different providers for separate medical areas / concerns. These are considered three different visits and will be billed to your insurance in this manner. You will be subject to three separate co-pays for the visits which are all due on your appointment day prior to seeing the physicians.

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